Individual Electricity Consumers: Data, Packages, and Methods

Author: Irena Ograjenšek, Created 2017/03/24 14:57, Last updated: 2017/08/13 17:11

Electricity load forecast is a major challenge for all stakeholders in the electricity market, as well as for their tasks concerning production management, planification, network routing or marketing and offerts design. Recently, the development of smart grids and new measurement infrastructures like smart meters provide the sector with new massive data. New prediction methods able to adapt to these data are necessary. In this context, Université Paris-Sud, Université Lyon 2 and EDF organize a two day event addressed to data scientists (academic and industrial researchers) as well as for all the engineers working on electricity markets.

The 1-day workshop is focused on Individual Electricity Consumers. It will provide an overview of data, packages and methods available to tackle such problems. Organized around five talks given by S. Lamarche (EDF Labs, France), R. Rajagopal (Stanford Univ., USA), G. Shaddick (Univ. of Bath, UK), B. Chen (IBM Research, Ireland), and C. Develder (Ghent University, Belgium). Discussions will take place about questions related to modeling Electricity Demand in Smart Grids, including available open datasets, disaggregation of usages or multiscale aggregation of consumers, load profile clustering.

In addition, the day before a 1-day IRSDI-ECAS course given by . Wood and M. Fasiolo (University Walk, Bristol, UK) will be dedicated to Generalized Additive Modeling in such contexts.

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