Corporate membership

Organisations and companies can apply for corporate membership in ENBIS. The rights and benefits of corporate membership are listed below. In order to become a corporate member, please complete the application form for corporate members which you can obtain from the treasurer upon an e-mail request.

The actual corporate membership subscription has been set at € 500.

ENBIS Corporate Membership Rights and Benefits

Each corporate member of ENBIS has the following rights:

  • To nominate a representative who should communicate and act on its behalf within the ENBIS community.
  • To have its logo displayed on the ENBIS website in the Corporate Members section.
  • To cross-link its website with the ENBIS website.
  • To propose topics and speakers for lectures, short courses and workshops in the framework of the ENBIS Academy (which includes, but is not limited to, the Annual Conference and the Spring Meeting).

Each corporate member is entitled to the following benefits:

  • A speaking slot at the annual conference and at regional conferences
  • The right to propose speakers and lectures to ENBIS Academy
  • A channel for publicity: 50% reduction on fees for sponsoring packages at ENBIS events and on the ENBIS website
  • A channel for recruitment: one  free job advert and a reduction of 50% on all further job adverts
  • The inclusion of the ENBIS logo on their letterheads and on other corporate literature