ENBIS 6 Highlights

This is a personal account of the ENBIS6 Highlights I summed up for the ENBIS membership. The three main points I believe characterized ENBIS6 were:

  1. Wonderful keynote and award winner speakers
  2. Great organization and high participation
  3. Expanded breadth of topics presented in parallel sessions

On September 18th over 140 ENBIS members arrived to Wroclaw Poland to attend the Sixth ENBIS conference organized by Jeroen de Mast as program chair and Adam Jednorog as chair of the local organizing committee.

The keynote speakers were Roger Hoerl and Age Smilde. Roger provided an overview of Six Sigma in the context of GE and beyond and Age presented new challenges in modern process chemometrics. Both gave outstanding and challenging presentations. My highlight however was the Box Award presentation by Gerry Hahn. Gerry presented 50 years of experience in actually promoting the ENBIS mission. He is the ultimate "embedded statistician" and statistical leader that Deming was talking about. The Young Statistician Award presentation by Peter Goos covered Optimal Design in one of the best presentations I heard on the topic, it was comprehensive yet balanced in indicating pitfalls and advantages of such designs. Gerhard Rappitsch, the Best Manager Award winner convinced us that Statistics was interesting, challenging and provided economic added value in the semiconductor industry.

The organization of ENBIS6 was perfect. The choice of the Mercure hotel, the boat trip and the dinner at the town hall were all excellent choices, thank you Adam for the effort - it paid of. The conference program was diverse and well organized - thank you Jeroen.

I would also like to highlight the communication workshop by Tony Greenfield who demonstrated what good communication text looks like and the graphic presentation workshop by Christian Ritter who opened our eyes on many issues related to how data is presented. I heard many presenters say that they had applied some of the insights Christian provided, a great index of efficiency.

Another event that, to me was some sort of "closing the loop" at the personal level. I worked with Blan Godfrey at Bell laboratories in the 1980s and had many interactions with the Juran Institute and Dr. Juran. Xavier was unfortunately unavailable to plan the special session on Juran and I stepped in at Jeroen's request. The presentations of Blan Godfrey and Soren Bisgaard complemented perfectly and provided a synthesis of Juran's work. The drawing of the Juran Books donated by the Juran Institute in Spain went very well with some fine moments were luck showed up in several interesting ways. All book winners went out of the room with big smiles.

Some related ENBIS business also occurred around ENBIS6. We had a full day strategic meeting where we benchmarked other organizations, identify our unique selling points, began to develop our publication and funding strategy and how ENBIS should look like in the future. I made 12 notes that will lead to focused follow up action items.

At the assembly and council on September 20th the following resolutions were adopted:

  1. The balance sheet for 2005, as presented by the treasurer, approved
  2. The amendments to the statutes, as posted on the web site, approved
  3. The creation of sENBIS, the Swedish local network, approved
  4. Future meetings: ENBIS-DEINDE in Torino 11-13 April 2007, ENBIS7 in Dortmund 24-26 September 2007 and ENBIS8 in Athens
  5. ENBIS council and award committees membership
  6. Resolution to stop agreement with SCW, was not approved
  7. Resolution to continue with SCW until the end of the year and develop, in parallel, a publication strategy, was approved.

We have many plans on the drawing board. They will be communicated as they take more concrete shape. Looking forward to an exciting year serving ENBIS. Actually these first days have already been quite exciting.


Ron S. Kenett
ENBIS President