ENBIS-11 in Coimbra

4 – 8 September 2011 Abstract submission: 1 January – 25 June 2011

Poster Storm Session III

5 September 2011, 16:25 – 17:30

Quantification of sheet thickness from optical measurements
16:25 – 16:30
Oliver Melsheimer, Joachim Kunert, Gerd Sebastiani, Simone Wenzel, Adrian Wilk

Kernel estimator for the bias correction of a monitoring system
16:30 – 16:35
Giuseppe Curcurù, Ph. D. in Logistics; g.curcuru@unipa.it Alberto Lombardo, Full Professor in Statistics; alberto.lombardo@unipa.it

Using Simulation for Measurement Uncertainty and other Industrial Applications
16:35 – 16:40
Birger Stjernholm Madsen

An Application of a Measurement System Analysis
16:40 – 16:45
Misbah Ahmed

Measurement Uncertainty - A Process Improvement Tool
16:45 – 16:50
Phil Lewis

A Robust Approach for Calibration of Near-Infrared Spectra
16:50 – 16:55
Walid Gani and Mohamed Limam

Estimation of a Normal Process Variance from Measurements with Large Round-Off Errors
16:55 – 17:00
Benson-Karhi Diamanta and Schechtman Edna.

Modelling of the brightening and degradation kinetics of cellulosic pulps in the final alkaline hydrogen peroxide bleaching stage
17:00 – 17:05
Fátima A. V. Coimbra (1), Pedro E. G. Loureiro (1,2), Eduardo L. T. Conceição (1), Dmitry V. Evtuguin (2) and M. Graça V. S. Carvalho (1*)

Theoretical Analysis of Weighted Exponential Models
17:05 – 17:10
M. Shuaib Khan, M. Aleem, Akbar Ali Shah

Design and efficient computation of short confidence intervals for a proportion under prior information
17:10 – 17:15
Rainer Göb, Kristina Lurz

A non-parametric approach to measuring the shape property of nonlinear profiles
17:15 – 17:20
Stelios Psarakis*, Javier Cano**, Javier M. Moguerza**, Athanasios N. Yannacopoulos*

Multivariate linear regression models for heterogeneous liquid-liquid reactions in microstructured reactors
17:20 – 17:25
C.M.S.G. Baptista1, T. Mendes1, C. Dias1, M. S. Reis1, P. Löb2

Statistical Techniques for Ecological Risk Assessment of Estuarine Sediments
17:25 – 17:30
M. R. Ramos (1)(2), A. P. Garcia (2), S. Caeiro, (1)(3), P. Costa.(3), T. Repolho (4) I. Cunha (5); M. H. Costa (3)

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