ENBIS-11 in Coimbra

4 – 8 September 2011 Abstract submission: 1 January – 25 June 2011

Poster Storm Session I

5 September 2011, 16:25 – 17:30

Process Multivariate Analysis: Relevant Indicators in Biodiesel Production
16:25 – 16:29
Susana M.C. Lima Melo, Jorge L.G.F.S. Costa Pereira

Validation criteria for the characterization of free volatiles profiles in beverages by GCMS
16:29 – 16:33
Authors: Vanda N. Pereira1, Ana C. Pereira1,2, Alexandra R. Mendes3, João A. Sousa4 and José C. Marques1

Towards a systematization of profile analysis methods as a basis for the development of flexible and generalized data analysis framework
16:33 – 16:37
Véronique M. Gomes Ana C. Pereira Pedro M. Saraiva Marco S. Reis

Optical coherence tomography data analysis by support vector machines
16:37 – 16:41
P. Serranho, P. Rodrigues, R. Bernardes

Identifying sequences of behaviour in public service data
16:41 – 16:45
Shirley Coleman and Matteo Bossi

A logistic regression model for the risk of musculoskeletal complaints in the lumbar region
16:45 – 16:49
Anabela Silva, Paula Carneiro, Ana Cristina Braga, Paulo Sampaio and Mónica Barroso

Supporting tool on the decision-making for the comfort conditions optimization
16:49 – 16:53
Matilde A. Rodrigues, Celina P. Leão, Mónica Barroso, Pedro M. Arezes

Performance of Neonatal Intensive Care
16:53 – 16:57
Filipa Mourão, Ana Cristina Braga, Pedro Oliveira

Health Outsourcing in Italy: the relationship between ASLs (local health authorities) and private operators
16:57 – 17:01
R. Falotico, P. Mariani, G. Data

Customer satisfaction and quality of service: analysis of coherence and latent variables for the University ’s canteen service
17:01 – 17:05
Rossella Berni- Department of Statistics “G.Parenti”, University of Florence, Italy; Alessandra Durio- Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics “D. de Castro”, University of Torino, Italy

Optimal strategies for quality improvement programs - a discrete time Mathematical Programming formulation
17:05 – 17:09
Belmiro P.M. Duarte Nuno M.C. Oliveira Lino O. Santos

Has the recession affected statistical recruitment?
17:09 – 17:13
Nigel Marriott

Strategies to Analyze Data and the Powerful of Descriptive Statistics – Case Studies
17:13 – 17:17
Cristina Alexandra Amaral Castanheira Barros Orfão

Reducing Welding Defect Rate for a Critical Component of an Aircraft engine
17:17 – 17:21
Sören Knuts

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