ENBIS-11 in Coimbra

4 – 8 September 2011 Abstract submission: 1 January – 25 June 2011

Will Managers Ever Embrace Statistics

7 September 2011, 12:20 – 12:40


Submitted by
Roland Caulcutt
Roland Caulcutt
Caulcutt Associates, UK
Many statisticians would agree that managers need some understanding of basic statistics. Perhaps we can also agree that many managers do not have this understanding and do not appear to appreciate the need to acquire it. So, management decisions that could and should be based on data, are often supported only by opinion, with the opinions of more senior managers given greater weight.
I believe the main reason why managers are not attracted to the study of basic statistics lies in the higher priority they give to their other needs as they struggle to acquire the wide range of skills that their craft requires. Indeed, when we list the many competencies that managers need it is hard to see how we can persuade them to give higher priority to managing by fact.

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