ENBIS-18 in Nancy

2 – 25 September 2018; Ecoles des Mines, Nancy (France) Abstract submission: 20 December 2017 – 4 June 2018

EMUE: Towards a Comprehensive Set of Examples of Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation to Support Guides and Standards

4 September 2018, 10:30 – 10:50


Submitted by
Maurice Cox
Maurice Cox (NPL)
EMPIR project EMUE, Examples of Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation, which started in July 2018, will promote the harmonized evaluation of measurement uncertainty according to internationally recognized standards and guides across broad disciplines of measurement. This initiative will be accomplished by providing new or improved examples that will be widely disseminated and so improve the use of accepted uncertainty principles. Many examples will be in a form that can readily be adapted to other areas.

Reliable statements of uncertainty are needed in diverse areas of measurement such as environment, energy and quality of life. These areas would benefit from carefully elaborated examples that are practical and specific to these domains and as far as possible are in a form that can be adapted to end-users’ data and knowledge. ISO/IEC 17025, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, states that it should be ensured “that the form of reporting of the result does not give a wrong impression of the uncertainty”, with the implication that practitioners should pay an appropriate level of attention to evaluating and reporting uncertainty. Since many end-users “learn by example”, a diverse set of practical examples, ranging in complexity from the simple to the sophisticated, would be highly beneficial and is being provided by EMUE.

Industrial need includes uncertainty evaluation problems that cannot directly be tackled by applying existing guidance given in the Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM), but require to be supported by methods of numerical simulation. Societal need includes ways in which uncertainty statements are made concerning cancer therapy and doping control, for instance. EMUE is addressing such needs.

Some examples being provided by EMUE will concern the traditional metrology areas of calibration, testing, comparison and conformance assessment. Selected examples will relate to the thematic areas of environment, energy, quality of life, and industry and society. The examples will be offered to the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM) and its member organizations (BIPM, IEC, IFCC, ILAC, ISO, IUPAC, IUPAP and OIML) for use in a developing document illustrating the application of the GUM suite of documents, and so support the agreed GUM New Perspective. They will also be provided to standards committees and other bodies and end-users that have expressed a need for them.

The talk will describe some of the planned content of the set of examples and outline the guiding principles by which they are being developed.
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