ENBIS-18 in Nancy

2 – 25 September 2018; Ecoles des Mines, Nancy (France) Abstract submission: 20 December 2017 – 4 June 2018

Deep k-Means: Jointly Clustering with k-Means and Learning Representations

5 September 2018, 09:30 – 10:00


Submitted by
Thibaut Thonet
Thibaut Thonet (University Grenoble Alpes - LIG)
We study in this presentation the problem of jointly clustering and learning representations. As several previous studies have shown, learning representations that are both faithful to the data to be clustered and adapted to the clustering algorithm can lead to better clustering performance, all the more so that the two tasks are performed jointly. We propose here such an approach for k-Means clustering based on a continuous reparametrization of the objective function that leads to a truly joint solution. The behavior of our approach is illustrated on various datasets showing its efficacy in learning representations for objects while clustering them.
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