ENBIS Spring Meeting 2018

4 – 6 June 2018; Florence, Italy Abstract submission: 17 November 2017 – 20 April 2018

Bayesian sequential design approach for multi-objectives applications

5 June 2018, 16:55 – 17:20


Submitted by
Matteo Borrotti
Matteo Borrotti (Energia Crescente S.r.l. and CNR-IMATI)
Nowadays, technologies and innovative tools allow to experiment complex problems characterized by an increasing number of variables and system responses. In this context, variables share non-linear relations and system responses conflict with each other. Optimize a solution with respect to a single system response can lead to unacceptable results. The process to find optimal solutions for a specific problem has never been so difficult as today. In this work, a Sequential Experimental Design (SED) based on Bayesian framework suitable for multi-objectives problems is proposed. The approach is tested on a set of simulated case studies and is compared with state-of-the-art techniques assess main advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solution.

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