ENBIS-17 in Naples

9 – 14 September 2017; Naples (Italy) Abstract submission: 21 November 2016 – 10 May 2017

Special Session: DoE and Statistical Process Monitoring in South America

11 September 2017, 17:30 – 18:30

Modeling Shrimp Growth in Freshwater
17:30 – 17:50 Susana Vegas (Universidad de Piura), Valeria Quevedo (Universidad de Piura/ Virginia Tech), Geoff Vining (Virginia Tech)

The Use of Attribute Charts to Monitor the Process Mean
17:50 – 18:10 Linda Ho (University of São Paulo)

A Generalized Maximum Entropy Approach for Analyzing Unreplicated Factorial Designs
18:10 – 18:30 Inara Francoyse de S. Pereira (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte), Carla A. Vivacqua (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte), Andre Luis S. de Pinho (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte)

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