ENBIS-16: Organisational & Individual Certification of Competence Under The New ISO 18404:2015 Standard on Six Sigma and Lean

11 September 2016; 14:00 – 17:00; University of Sheffield, School of Mathematics & Statistics, Hicks Building (Room TBA)

ENBIS-16 Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshop on Sunday, September 11th, 2016

Workshop Description

The workshop is dedicated to the new ISO 18404:2015 international standard for Lean and Six Sigma certification, why it was created, and the competences required of Six Sigma & Lean practitioners under the standard, plus the requirements for organisational certification. It debates the need for such a standard and reports on progress with national accreditation of certification under the standard, and how the standard is being received.

The workshop also considers:

  • The role of the Royal Statistical Society and formation of the sector scheme.
  • How lack of a standard has allowed bad practice and training issues in Six Sigma and Lean.
  • The desire for change.
  • The creation of ISO 18404 as an auditable Six Sigma and Lean standard for organisations and practitioners.
  • Progress in implementation.
  • Opportunities for application within UK and global organisations and the link to, and role of, business statisticians.

The workshop should enable participants to:

  • understand and avoid the main shortfalls & risk in current Six Sigma and Lean implementation;
  • familiarize themselves with the competency requirements for Six Sigma (& Lean Six Sigma) Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts or the Lean equivalents under ISO 18404;
  • understand the certification requirements for organisations under ISO 18404 and how to build an appropriate management system;
  • take stock of an organisations Six Sigma and Lean programme and start to build an action plan for improvement, and possibly certification, against ISO 18404;
  • start to build a personal development plan for their own personal development, and possible certification, against the ISO 18404 competency requirements.

The workshop is designed for anyone interested in Six Sigma application or ISO 18404, or considering certification as an individual or organization.


Workshop Outline

2pm       Introduction & Purposes in Attending

2.15pm  Overview of the ISO 18404 Standard:

  • Current abuses with Six Sigma and Lean & Why the ISO 18404 standard was created.
  • Practitioner competency requirements.
  • Lean & the standardLean & Six Sigma combined.

3.45pm  Use of the ISO 18404 Standard for Stocktakes and Certification:

  • Lean & the standard.
  • Six Sigma & the standard.
  • Lean & Six Sigma combined.
  • Arrangements for Accredited Certification of organisations & individuals under the standard.

5pm        End of Workshop


Teaching Materials Provided to Course Participants

Presentation slides and assessment template.


Technical Prerequisites for Participants



Workshop Facilitator

Professor Tony Bendell is a well-known invited keynote speaker at Conferences and Events worldwide and was formerly the Rolls-Royce funded Professor of Quality & Reliability Management, at the University of Leicester.

He has worked as an associate consultant of Coopers & Lybrand, and subsequently trained management consultants for Deloitte. He is a leading figure in the UK and international quality and productivity improvement, excellence, and public sector transformation movements. He has published extensively and is principle author of the bestselling Financial Times book on Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage, available in 6 languages. His new book on `Developing Anti-Fragile Organizations; Governance, Opportunity and Risk in Turbulent Times’ was published by Gower in July 2014. This examines the shortcomings of conventional risk analysis, the impact of `black swans`, and the strategic, cultural, process and people requirements for the development of operations, systems and both public & private sector organisations that get stronger from being stressed.

He chairs the MS6 Technical Committee of BSI, which has responsibility for process efficiency, effectiveness and improvement. This developed the new auditable ISO 18404 Lean Management and Six Sigma standard, published December 2015. He also until recently chaired the Royal Statistical Society Quality Improvement Section, now acting as Vice Chair.