ENBIS-16 in Sheffield

11 – 15 September 2016; Sheffield Abstract submission: 20 March – 4 July 2016

Instilling Quality Knowledge and Methods in Industry

13 September 2016, 16:20 – 16:40


Submitted by
Avner Halevy
Avner Halevy (University of Haifa)
The gap between the level of academically developed statistical methods and tools and the level of their adoption in industry is frustratingly large. Both academicians and practitioners published mottos such as “the quality management movement has lost its way”; “is our current understanding of quality sufficient?”; “statistical process control: should we keep on fighting a lost battle?” and more.
Externally imposed quality systems, such as certifications, accreditations or packages of tools & methods, do cause noticeable impacts at first but later decline and fizzle out. These interventional systems did not mature into a sustainable universal industrial norm of continually increasing quality performance.
As a first general step towards changing this situation, a roadmap, a set of algorithms towards well defined goals, will be suggested. Important landmarks along this road will be discussed:
a. A clear, simple and direct definition of quality, to be adopted by all involved.
b. A clear notion of the multi-disciplinary field named “Quality Science”.
c. A clear definition and sense of our mission in local and global economies.
d. Suggested integrated algorithms for successful implementation of quality methods and tools in industry will be presented.
e. A step-by-step description of the implementation algorithm will be presented, using principles and real-life examples from successful implementations in manufacturing and in service industries. Examples of failures will be discussed too and their causes will be studied. A list of fundamental and critical multidisciplinary actions will be given.

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