Common Mistakes in Six Sigma Projects and How to Avoid Them

19 September 2013; 09:00 – 13:00

This half-day ENBIS-13 post-conference course will be run by Prof. Xavier Tort-Martorell (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

The course is targeted at upper or middle managers involved in any stage of a Six Sigma implementation processes, Green or Black Belts involved in improvement projects, Six Sigma consultants and, in general, anybody interested in improvement processes.

Six Sigma is a well-established methodology to improve all kinds of processes that has become the world standard.  In spite of that, not all organizations or all projects are equally successful. There are three main categories of mistakes that can lead to difficulties or even failures, the ones related with organizational aspects like: project selection, people’s roles or  project monitoring and indicators; others are related with the way the DMAIC method is used and enforced, among them: the amount of guidance given to BB or the rigidity in following DMAIC steps and procedures; finally the third group include mistakes related with the use of tools and statistical techniques, curiously the most common ones have to do with an excess or a lack of rigor, with an excess or a lack of use of tools and techniques.

The course agenda is designed to encourage interaction among participants and with the presenter. The mistakes and proposed solutions will be introduced by real-life examples. There will be time for discussions and for participants to expose and discuss their experiences.