Meeting in Rimini (23/9/2002)

Meeting in Rimini (23/9/2002)

The third meeting of the Working Group on "Statistical Modelling" was held in Rimini during the Second Annual ENBIS Conference, on September, 23rd, 2002.


  • Soren Andersen
  • Bruno Betrò
  • Patrick Brown
  • Jan Engel
  • Ragnar Bang Huseby
  • Jesus Palomo
  • Wolfgang Polasek
  • Fabrizio Ruggeri   (Coordinator)
  • Henrik Thoning

    The meeting has been opened by a report by the Coordinator on the activities in the last year, which focused mainly in the organisation of some sessions at the Second Annual ENBIS Conference in Rimini. The participants at the meeting agreed that more people should be involved in the organisation of the Working Group.

    After the discussion, the Group agreed on some points which are summarised in the following


  • Ragnar Huseby will become the webmaster of the Group, moving the web site to his Institute. Contributions and suggestions by Group members are welcome.
  • Jesus Palomo will be in charge of the organisation of Group sessions at the third Annual ENBIS conference in Barcelona. Efforts will be spent in order to have sessions with homogeneous topics. Members are invited to get in touch with Jesus Palomo and send him abstracts.
  • Soren Andersen will collect opinions about possible speakers, related to the Group, to suggest as invited speakers at the third Annual ENBIS conference.
  • Authors of papers presented in the Group related sessions in Rimini will be asked to submit their papers or presentation to the Group Webmaster (Fabrizio Ruggeri, until Ragnar Huseby will start taking care of the Group web site).
  • Members (at least the ones participant at the meeting) will be asked to submit some of their papers and problems to the Group Webmaster (Fabrizio Ruggeri, until Ragnar Huseby will start taking care of the Group web site), with the goal of finding fields for possible cooperation.
  • Wolfgang Polasek and Fabrizio Ruggeri will be in charge of a special issue of Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry with papers from the Group or related to it, not necessarily presented in Rimini. A Call for Papers will be sent around as soon as a final agreement will be done with the journal's Editor. The issue should be ready for the Third Annual ENBIS Conference.
  • Possible endorsement of workshop and organisation of courses or schools. Contact will be taken, for example, with the organisers of the Third Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Stochastic Processes (to be held in Spain in 2003), so that a Group session will be organised at that conference. Members are invited to suggest other conferences for a possible cooperation.
  • Choice of a coordinator,  Fabrizio Ruggeri, which will be in charge until the Third Annual ENBIS Conference.