Meeting in Newcastle (15/9/2005)

Meeting in Newcastle (September 2005)

The fourth meeting of the Interest Group on "Statistical Modelling" was held in Newcastle during the Fifth Annual ENBIS Conference 2005.


The meeting was attended by 3 people (Ruggeri, Seabra and Engel) and other 2 gave their contribution later (Goeb and Volf). The workshop organised by Goeb and Pievatolo on "Advanced fields of statistical modelling" at the Newcastle conference was a success. We plan to organise another one at the next meeting in Wroclaw. One possibility is about Probability and Elicitiation, possibly in cooperation with the Interest Group on Reliability. A possible special issue of Kybernetika will be considered to promote ENBIS in central and eastern Europe. Ruggeri will contact John Hinde, chair of the Statistical Modelling Society, for a possible cooperation.