Reflections on Life and Achievements of Soren Bisgaard

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Author: Fabrizio Ruggeri, Created 2010/01/05 Last updated: 2010/01/05

I was shocked when I heard about Soren's death: I knew he was not doing fine, but I had not realised how serious the situation was. I just want to remember the passion Soren put in creating ENBIS and contributing to its growth.In particular, we had many discussions, sometimes with...

There is a gap

Author: Winfried Theis, Created 2009/12/18 Last updated: 2009/12/18

Irena has found some very appropriate words: we lost a giant in industrial statistics, but most of all we lost a modest, friendly and highly inspiring member of our Network. Having had the privilege to meet him personally and learn from him, will always remain among my best memories --...