He will be deeply missed

Author: Froydis Bjerke, Created 2010/01/06 21:52, Last updated: 2011/11/21 18:03

The shocking news that Søren has left us, filled me with grieve and sadness. He was an extraordinary person, having that rare combination of professional excellence linked to a very friendly, helpful and supportive personality.  

I first met Søren in the late 80’s, when I attended one of his courses in DoE. That course was an eye-opener for me, then a newly graduated statistician, on how statistics could be taught and practised. Later, we had regular contact when I worked at Matforsk, mostly through Enbis and Pro-Enbis, but also within other projects.

The last time we met was in Amherst in 2006, where a group of colleagues from Matforsk visited Umass, and we were received with exceptional hospitality and usual friendliness. I have so many good memories, and it is unbelievable that he is gone.

Enbis is Søren’s creation, most of all. Yes, we were a lot of people who contributed, and many others have done great things for Enbis, but I doubt it would have become a prosperous and thriving society in ten years without him. He is even in its name: SørEN BISgaard

My deepest sympathy for Sue Ellen, whose loss I cannot imagine. Cherish the precious memories.

We will miss him a lot. Frøydis