We will meet again

Author: The remaining 9 fellows in the "Hard Core Group", Created 2010/01/20 09:37, Last updated: 2011/11/21 18:03

Author: The remaining 9 fellows in the Hard Core Group graduating from the Copenhagen Engineering College in 1975: Allan Hansen, Bjarne Jensen, Bjarne Nielsen, Christian Løvdal, Johny Liebst, Jørgen Secher, Niels Jensen, Ole Jørgensen,  Peter Sørensen.

We have lost yet one of our fellows from the Engineering College in Copenhagen 1972 – 1975. Soren Bisgaard-Frantzen. Soren did not since 1979, when he moved to the United States, participate in person at our annual meeting the first Friday in November. Every year however, he was with us in our minds in our talks and in our sharing of memories and anecdotes from our study time; and he received shortly after a postcard with our regards.

Already when we studied he demonstrated that he was a scientist by nature. He was most often more curious and wondering than others and often took a mental tour to search the fringes of a subject. He worked with his study with a significant sense of duty, often with great pain and always a positive attitude.  Socially he was not a frontrunner but he was always present, obliging and considerate to his study mates, ready to assist in solving problems. Although his initial and most often lasting approach to things was to take them serious his quiet humor was never far away.

All honor to his memory – we will meet again