ENBIS-17 Post-Conference Course: Teaching Statistical Concepts using JMP and Active Learning

14 September 2017; 09:00 – 13:00; University of Naples Federico II

4-hours hands-on workshop by Volker Kraft (SAS Institute / JMP Division) and Jacqueline Asscher (Kinneret College, Israel)

Many of us in both industry and academia teach statistical concepts, again both to industrial and academic audiences. Regardless of whether we want to illustrate just a single concept (e.g. correlation) or teach a whole course (e.g. multivariate analysis), the right balance has to be found between concept complexity on the one hand and software complexity on the other hand. Using JMP software, this practical session demonstrates how to teach even sophisticated statistical concepts in an efficient and engaging way, while the effort spent on learning tools can be minimized.

During the first part, participants will experience two sample active “lessons” from a student’s perspective. Each lesson will cover one concept, starting from data preparation and exploration to analysis and reporting of results. Both lessons will deploy a variety of existing teaching resources for the lecturer and the learners, which allow both to focus on the concepts and use the software as a means to an end. We will also see how the tools and resources support the use of active learning elements.

Finally, participants will switch into the lecturer role and teach another concept of choice. Goals are to remove the fear to use new teaching tools, even with minor or no experience in JMP, and to draw inspiration from this workshop to try new teaching approaches in class. Free teaching material and the integration of JMP and other software like R or Excel allow anybody to adopt these elements easily, also in existing courses.

All workshop content will be made available to the participants, who should have JMP 13 pre-installed on their computers (e.g. 30-day trial from www.jmp.com/trial).